Lunch Bunch is Back!

Who runs lunch bunch? Kerry Ray & Cassie Haselhorst – 5 day young 4’s coteachers
How do I pay? You will be billed for a 10 session punch card through FACTS.
What do the students do? At dismissal, the children will come to room 112 with Ms. Kerry & Ms. Cassie. Parents will send in a lunch (packed separately from their snack) and after eating, play with their friends! The kids love it and usually get to play with students from other classes. 
How do I sign-up? A sign up link will be emailed out each Monday for the week ahead. Students must reserve dates in advance. Enrollment will be capped at 16 and on a first come, first served basis. NOTE: If more than 16 students sign up on one day, parents who sign up after the cut-off will be notified that their child must be picked up at noon. 
Where do I pick up my child? Parents should pick up in the lobby 12:-55-1:00p. Please note that the carpool lane is exclusively used for kindergarten dismissal at this time. 
What happens if there is a covid case? All students who attended lunch bunch with the student or teacher will be deemed “close contacts” and required to quarantine.